Why now?

It has literally been months since we talked, except when I wished you a happy birthday over a month ago. What is so special about now that you wanna message me? Well I straight up asked and you said “I started talking to people from school” sure I believed that. But there was not one but two occasions in the last day that we have talking where I sent a response that would have just ended the conversation, I was fine with that. I am trying to not get attached, well even more attached. This summer has been partly dedicated to getting over you and being just friends. But no you could not let the conversations end. No you had to keep them going, why? We literally had the conversation last night of how I still feel about you. So why keep my feelings going? Do you still like me that way? Are you going to try to insert yourself in my life again?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions then I am just straight up fucked, emotionally and mentally. It means the 11:11 wishes, the birthday wish, the shooting star wishes, the coin in the fountain wishes, and the blowing on a dead dandelion wishes have actually come true. To get you back.  I mean if that is true then I am going to stay quite about this whole thing, whatever it is. I am not going to blab to everyone about how he is talking to me. I have no intensions of jinxing it. I just want it to work out this time.

People can change, right?


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