Growing up was hard. But it has helped me not go around judging people. One thing that I never managed to grasp though was seeing situations from a different perspective. Which changed during my freshman year of college. I look at every situation from at least three different perspectives. This gives me so many different ideas about any given topic or situation, it is so mind opening really. I did not do this on my own though. I have one of my best guy friends from school to thank for that.

Every single time and I mean EVERY…SINGLE..TIME I had a one sided perspective about something hey would tell me to look at it from a different perspective. It was always “think about it from their perspective” or “think about in a different perspective”. His one most famous line to me that seemed to push the concept across was “it’s all about perspective”. Honestly he must have told me that hundreds of times, I am glad though. I am so thankful for him and this is just one reason why. He really was the person he helped me,emotionally, get through my freshman year.

Thanks to him I have a more open mind and like to think of all the different perspectives every situation can have.


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