No matter what you call them everyone has a person who they can talk about anything with. I have been blessed with a group of friends like this. I can thank college for that especially living in the dorms. The friends I have made are the greatest people in my life, actually they are not even friends without a doubt they are family.

Sure I am closer to a select few and without them I have no idea how I would make it through each and everyday. One helps with all the relationship and life stuff, one is like a big brother I never had the chance to have, one tells me things everyone else will not, one is an ex-boyfriend and of course the only one who is a girl and can relate. I love them more than I ever thought loving a friend could be. They are my rocks. We make the best of memories together. Even sitting around doing nothing with them are some of the best times I have spent doing nothing with anyone else. They are the people I will remember 50 years from now when I am thinking back on life. And I will be pleased with the people I remember surrounding myself with.

There are still a couple more I would not have made it through freshman year without, two of which are definitely memorable. They were always there when I asked them to be…well most of the time lol. But one, who I thought would be my best friend through anything, decided I had portrayed her. When all I simply did was get a single room for the upcoming school year. I explained I did not do this to benefit myself but so we would not get tired of each other. I knew that if we were to share we would fight often about stupid stuff and I did not think it was worth it. I even made sure to tell her before school was over so she would not think about rooming together all summer and so she could find someone else. But she thought I was rude and decided to not talk to me  anymore. The other day I actually thought that maybe things had simmered down, since it has been months, but I was wrong. I reached out and was ignored. I gave my attempt, multiple times. So I am done if she does not want to talk to me I will respect that.

In life people will come and go, the most important ones will always stay. Just be sure to remember that.


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