One thing I have never been good at is having patience. I did not have any patience with a single person, place, or thing. But breakups can really change you. I know the breakup was not completely my fault but I still looked back at the things I would do and how I could change my behavior. I also know I should not want to change for anyone but the breakup made me realize these were parts of me that were not great and should probably be adjusted. That has been the best part of the breakup, I learned to be patient because when something is meant to happen it will. Honestly it was so bad that I would double…triple… or even quadruple text if he did not message back within a matter of minutes. I know, now, sending so many texts was not necessary because he would text back. I knew he would but I would just over think stuff and keep on texting. I knew he would be asleep or just hanging out with some friends, I also knew he was not a person to look at his phone all the time either, I just let the overthinking get the better if me.

Now over the past few months I have taught myself how to be more patient. Obviously it is not going to be easy and no one is always patient but I have gotten 100x’s better. Which has paid off.

The best thing happened in awhile is at the beginning of the week, he messaged me. And has continued to all week. This has really just made me so happy. We have talked about us and how we need to work on different aspects of the relationship we are building back up. So having this new found patience allows me to not get all paranoid and worked up when he does not message back right away. I constantly remind myself “he has a life and he messaged you first so he wants to talk”. Saying this has helped me better the relationship we are starting to build again.  I let him know how I have been working on myself and I think he can see that. I am just hoping for the best from all of what is going on this time between us.

Patience is key.


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